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Raffle Fee

*Includes additional $1 digital payment fee*


Crafters: After you have completed your Crafter Application, add this item to your cart to pay for one Raffle Fee. Please note that your space is not guaranteed until your application and photos are received, your application is approved, AND your payment is received.


The Christmas in Clawson Craft Show is a non-profit charity event. All proceeds are donated to Clawson, Michigan’s public school students, teachers, and families directly through our local PTOs and PTSAs. 


In support of that mission, as well as to promote our generous artists, an annual raffle is held at the show. Each crafter is required to donate a handmade item valued at least twenty dollars to this raffle, OR add this raffle fee to their space fee. If you will donate an item, you are not required to pay this fee. Thank you for your support!

Raffle Fee

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