2019 Artists/Crafters and Maps

(listed alphabetically)

2018 CIC Map.jpg
2018 CIC MiddleSchool Map.jpg
2018 Christmas in Clawson High School Map

Lawrence Allen

Allen & Sons Woodworking LLC

Michigan Themed Furniture and Gifts

Tables G44, G45, G46

Erica Annis

Wooden Snowmen and Hanging Pallet Designs

Table A6

Sabrina Atto

Freebird LLC


Table K4

Patti Avakian

Embroidered Blankets, Towels, Aprons...

Table G32

Cheryl Averett

Rugs from T-Shirts, Placemats, Hotpads...

Table H21

Julie Avila

Bardon Cottage

Felt and Knit Items

Table K2

Michelle Beaubien

Made By Michelle

Baby Quilts, Christmas Tree Skirts...

Table M17

Kris & Tim Beebe

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts, Wreaths, Decorated Journals...

Table F15

Lillie Bells


Table D8

Lorie Birkholtz

Mini Photo Albums, Papercrafting, Journals...

Table G15

Irene Bitterman


Jewelry / Embroidered Towels

Tables G7, G8

BodyWorks Chiropractic Plus


Table A11

Alice Bono

Scarves, Fleece Blankets, Placemats...

Table D13

Clay Boura


Table E30

Diane Bove

Greeting Cards/Envelopes, Frames

Table G54

Teri Bowden

Water Bead Vases, Sensory Boxes...

Table D21

Henrietta Brager

Towels, Wine Bags, Aprons...

Table F3

Peter Brazle

Farm Fresh Fotos

Photography/Ink Drawings

Table E13

Karen Briggs

Therapeutic Neck Wraps and Eye Masks

Table F5

Tony Burroughs

Tony's Carvings

Wooden Carvings

Table G62

Elaine Campbell

Catnip Chicks

Mats for Cats

Table A1

Patricia Card

Lakota Boutique & Design

Doll Clothing and Accessories, Embroidery...

Table J10

Jessie Carter

Decorated Sugar Cookies, Coconut Bars...

Table D22

Beth Chismark

Goanna Paper Art

Greeting Cards, Papercrafting...

Table G26

Winnie Chrzanowski

Photography - Prints, Cards, Magnets...

Table C8

Regina Chu

Wooden Signs, Trivets / Crocheted Items / T-Shirts

Tables G55, G56

Yvette Ciolek

Children's Author

Table L6

Ruth Clapp

Knit/Crocheted Hats, Sweaters, Scarves, Baby Blankets

Tables F12, F13

Clawson High School Artists

Mixed Media

Tables E26, E27

Clawson Orchestra

Table J9

Jessica Coakley

Sip & Sign Designs

Wooden Signs

Table M15

Janna Coumoundourous

Vintage Jewelry

Table D2

Joanne Crocker

Knit Baby Hoodies, Cozies, Fingerless Mittens

Table G33

Melissa Daffron

Baby Items

Table C6

Carol Dagg

Dolly & Me Headbands, Ornaments...

Table J1

Bobbie D'Agostino

Aroma Scents LLC

Soaps, Soy Candles, Lip Balms, Bath Bombs

Table F4

Linda Daleo

Hardy Honey Bee Farms

Honey Products

Table G10

Melissa Dantzer

Boxwood Baby

Baby/Toddler Clothing, Woodworking

Table G37

Bernice Davis

Mixed Media

Tables H18, H19

Marcia Decker

T-Shirt Scarves

Table G27

Suzanne Defer

Cross Body Purses

Table M1

Katie Degesie

Birch & Fern

Eco-Conscious Bath Products and Home Goods

Table G59

Jennifer Deiterick

Baked Goods, Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Pickles

Table C10

Kristen DeMay

Decorated Mesh/Burlap Wreaths, Crochet Baby Hats...

Table E15

Linda Denniston

Crocheted Items, Upcycled Jeans, Purses...

Table G49

Courtney Derouin

Jaded Nova Jewelry

Custom Beaded and Knotted Bracelets

Table D20

Deanna Discenna

Stampin with Deanna

Papercrafting, Journal Pads, Cards...

Table G36

Lauren Dohnal

L Squared

Soy Wax Candles, Lotion Bars, Melt and Pour Soaps...

Table F10

Mary Dougherty

Crochet Items

Table A12

Abigail and Timothy Dow

Ornaments, Snowman Spools, Magnets...

Table B3

Jeff Draft

3D Art from PVC Boards

Table J7

Cathy Ducharne

Decorated Sugar Cookies, Cake Pops

Table G34

Christina Duff


Leather Purses, Belts, Wallets, Accessories

Table G22

Kenneth Dunlap

Wood Turning

Table G12

Olivia Durant

Liv's Lil Creations

Ceramic Jewelry and Pottery

Table L5

Lynn Eads

Learn with Lynne

Essential Oil Cards, Decorated Roller Bottles...

Table E12

Sara Elliott

Libby & Elliott

Crochet Items, Fashion/Home Accessories

Tables G5, G6

Vera Embree

Scented Fabric Pumpkins, Fabric Snowmen...

Table E18

Katrina Esch

Canticles in Beads

Beaded Bracelets and Rosaries

Table G11

Darlene Everhart

Faux Fur Scarves, Fleece Items...

Tables J13, J14

Sherry Fayroian

Acrylic Paintings, Children's Hair Clips, Greeting Cards

Table G39

Beverly Fetterhoff

Copper and Beaded Jewelry

Table E23

Denise Fisher

Crocheted Hats, Kids Pillows, Fleece Snowmen

Table E2

Terry Freeman

Mixing Spirits

Etch Glass, Wood and Metal

Tables L7, L8

Elizabeth Garcia-Ali

Back2TheBasics LLC

Natural Bath, Body and Hair Care

Table C3

Karen Gardner

Aprons, Rice Heating Pads, Toddler Pajamas, Hats

Table E29

Donna Garvey

Papercrafting, Microwave Popcorn Wrapped Snowmen

Table H2

Kimberly Glushyn

Jewelry, Christmas Ornaments, Woven Baskets

Table F11

Marisa Gramer

Ornaments, Pinecone Trees/Wreaths, Flower Headbands

Table D15

Mady Graves

Children Totes, Hats, Aprons, Felt Food, Towels...

Tables G2, G3

Anne Grogan

Darling Dilly

Jewelry with Dried Flowers and Crystal Grade Resin

Table M12

Karen Gulli

Scarves, Dishcloths

Table M13

Shirley Guzman

Doll Clothes, Dog Coats, Aprons, Baby Bibs...

Table G9

Dorothy Hansen


Table D10

Candice Harrison

Candy Impressions

Hand-Poured, Natural Coconut Wax Candles

Table H14

Carolyn Hemmen

R&C Crafters

Baby Quilts, Potholders, Placemats, Afghans...

Table D12

Dolores Henahan

Personalized Ornaments, Bracelets, Fleece/Knit Items...

Tables E16, E17

Doris Hester

Appling's Gifts

Placemats, Bun Warmers, Doilies, Tree Skirts...

Table M6

Julie Hines

Decorator Pillows and Scarves

Table F9

Elizabeth Hofer

Electric Kitty Cove Jewelry Boutique

Jewelry, Car Charms, Mini Paintings, Wire Art...

Table K5

Laura Hogan

Sterling Silver/Mixed Metal Jewelry

Table M14

Terry Hojnacki


Table A4

Nadine Irondenko

Wallets, Table Runners, Crib Quilts...

Table H9

Katherine Jablonski

Mandala Moon Candle Co.

Natural Soy Wax Candles

Table L10

Sue Jackson

Cup/Can/Icee Cozies, Hand Warmers

Table D6

Sheila James

Dog Hoodies, Scarves, Bows, Baby Bibs

Table C7

Laura Johnston

Bird Houses, Themed Flower Pots

Table E6

Yoshie Kato

Yoshie's Jewelry

Gem/Metal Jewelry, Kimono Fabric Purses

Table E28

Donna Kerbrat

Crochet Necklaces, Knitted Scarves, Wood Burnings...

Table G24

Barb Kissell

Hooded Towels for 'Big Kids,' with Embroidery Options

Table M5

Lisa Klein

Lisa's Candy Creations

Chocolates and Hard Candy

Table J15

Joyce Knight-Coyne

Sandy Beads LLC

Lake Stone and Beach Glass Jewelry

Table G29

Robyn Koralewski

Crochet Gone Sassy LLC

Crocheted Wearables

Table G13

Kerriann Koss

Mugs & Other Jugs

Hand-Poured Soy Wax and Essential Oil Candles

Table K6

Lori Kozlowski

Mixed Media Ring Bowls, Ornaments, Jewelry...

Table C1

Laureen and Tom Krausman

Window Clings

Tables H7, H8

Michelle Kroll

August Oak Designs

Custom Drinkware, Wooden Home Decor...

Table E11

Jennifer Kuhn

JLK Crafts

Fleece Throws, Pet Beds, Ponchos

Table H5

Katine Laessle

Fleece Quilts, Totes

Table C9

Debra Lake

Crochet Designs by Debbie

Crochet Wearables, Blankets...

Tables G30, G31

Joyce LaPrairie

Fused Glass Pendants

Table L1

Mike LaPrairie

Corn Hole and Board Games

Table L2

Monique Lareau

Pet Beds/Pillows, Blankets, Toys, Wax Tarts, Lip Balm...

Table H22

Debra Lariviere

Raffle Ticket Bowls, Shoulder Belt Covers, Ornaments...

Table E5

Aaron Laughman

Small, Artisanal Batch Canned Goods

Table M2

Helen Lawton

Coaster Girls

Ceramic Tile Coasters, Hand-Sewn Bags, Bookmarks

Table M4

Amanda Lesher

Greeting Cards

Table D3

Steve Litwin

Metal Art - Welded Metal, Copper, Pipe & Valve Art


Frances Maliszewski

Grandma's Cutie Patooties

Knit and Crochets Hats and Scarves

Table D17

Dale Malone

Naturally Derived Cosmetics and Bath/Body Products

Table M3

Laurie Marsh

Laurie's Creative Clay

Functional and Decorative Pottery

Table E4

Amy Matt

Crochet Hats/Scarves, Felt Ornaments, Bead Jewelry

Tables D24, D25

Patricia McClain

Recycled Art - Garden, Jewelry, Silverware

Table D16

Colleen McClue

Made In The Mitten

Handmade Apparel, Decorative Wine Cups...

Tables E21, E22

Julia McGibbon

Mae's Body Blends

Soap, Shea Butter, Scrubs, Lotions...

Table H4

Calleigh McMillan

Crafty Calleigh

Functional Art From Rocks

Table L9

Kathy McNeilly

ScotFinn Crafts

Hand Turned Wood Items, Knit Luggage Markers...

Table H20

Diane Melnik

Dearest Dragonfly Soap Co.

All Natural Artisan Soap with Essential Oils

Table M16

Kim Mendelson

Purses, Pillows, Mittens

Table G1

Sherry Meyer

Fleece Dog Toys, Catnip Toys...

Table G35

Diane Milner

Crochet Garments

Table G53

John Mio

Christmas Trees, Bird Houses, Cutting Boards...

Table D11

Karen Mistretta

Bird Appetite

Edible Bird Feeders

Table M11

Ian Moore


Table F6

Amy Morehead

Roasted Nuts

Table F16

Melissa Morrow

Wreaths, Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Wooden Signs...

Tables H12, H13

Chris Mulcahy

Michigan Candles

Soy Candles in Reclaimed Bottles

Table J8

Erin Mullen

Sweet Eats by Erin


Table L4

Cindy Mungle

Felt Christmas Steins

Table G4

Kristin Murray

Oil Smitten Kristen

Essential Oil Candles, Soaps, Jewelry...

Table D8


Theresa Nielsen

​Quilting/Wool Items - Pillows, Table Runners...

Table C2

Janet Norling

Framed/Matted Photography

Table G28

Nova Chiropractic PLLC


Table K3

Patti Ogden

Vinyl Crafts and Diaper Cakes

Table H10

Jennile Oram

Jennile Jacob Collections


Tables M7, M8

Lindsey Otabil

Calligraphy Canvases, Cards, Jewelry, T-Shirts

Table D14

Deborah Owens

Shea Butter

Table D19

Karen Pawlowski

Pet Items

Table D23

Jennifer Perkins

Needle Felted Animals

Table E24

Debra Peterson

Crazy Ladies Craft

Holiday Home Decor, Floral/Garland Wreaths

Tables G50, G51

Kelley Pincombe

Krafts by Kelley

Aprons, Potholders, Kitchen Towels, Teddy Bears...

Table G16

Ashley Pinter

Pinter Designs

Embroidered and Vinyl Attire, Jewelry

Table L11


Leni Plane


Table A10

Vicki Pokoyoway

Holiday Ornaments, Wall Hangings...

Table G47

Cynthia Price

Knit Scarves, Cowls and Coils

Table C4

Cynthia Prindle-Sklar

Catnip Toys, Bags, Trivets, Washcloths

Table B4

Vanessa Reading

Delightfully Charmed

Gemstone Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry


Rebecca Reamy

Cutie Patootie Studios

Greeting Cards, Magnets, Laser-Cut Items...

Table A9

Mary Redden

Tanner House Treasures

Crocheted Seasonal Garlands

Table G38

Dana Reimann

Life Expressions Decor

Wood/Vinyl Signs, Ornaments, Drinkware...

Table F14

Judy Rose

Tree Skirts, Table Runners, Hot Pads...

Tables G57, G58

Carol Jo Rotrock

Earrings - Bead and Crystal

Table G23

Melanie Rouse

Metz Colorful Creations

Repurposed Crayons into Children Names/Shapes

Table E19

Ellen Rouse-Wiper

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Table E20

Ashley Rozanski

Custom Vinyl Creations, Crochet Items...

Table G40

Donna Russell

Hats, Scarves, Greeting Cards

Table H15

Lynn Sagan

Infinity / Cowl Scarves

Table F8

Leeza Salowich Palm

Beaded Gifts, Wind Chimes, Bookmarks...

Table D4

Derdlim Sanders

Wood Burn Designs

Table J2

Victor Saverino

Toys, Kitchen Items, Gifts - Wood Drafts

Table D9

Linda Scully

Personalized Initial Pillows, Knit Baby Items

Table M9

Kimberly Sessoms

Crosses and Frames Made From Jewelry, Papercrafts...

Table B5

Connie Shallal-Johnston

Beads and Baubles

Table E31

Celia Shears

Crochet Items

Table J11

Lisa Shedlock

Hug A Pet

Pet Gifts

Tables G19, G20, G21

Patti Sherman

Vintage Button Flower Bokays, Bags...

Table G41

Kris Shields

Clay Ornaments, Canvas Paintings...

Table E14

Kelly Shinabargar

Wreaths, Ceramics, Canvas Paintings...

Tables H16, H17

Christina Snage

Earth, Wood & Fire

Table G52

Mona Sokoloff

Multi-Revolution Bracelets with Multi-Media Beads

Table G61

Dawn Sommers

Dog Gone Delicious Dog Treats LLC

Preservative-Free Dog Treats

Table J5

Wayne and Lina Spears

Pallet Art, Decorated Porch Chairs, Christmas Decor...

Tables A2, A3

Maggie Spurgeon

Today's Special

Calendars and Cards with Watercolor Art

Table J6

Viktoriya Starr

Beaded Jewelry

Table G42

Sam Stephenson

Clay Ornaments, Canvas Paintings, Fabric Wreaths...

Table E25

Barb Svagr and Linda Thomas

Pottery, Aprons, Doll Clothes, Baby Bibs...

Tables A7, A8

Kristy Swanson

Custom Ceramics

Table J16

Jordan Szaroletta

Art Prints, Stationary, Papercrafts...

Table F2

Neil Tasker


Michigan Apparel and Accessories

Table D18

Cheri Taylor


Table H6

Kathy Thomas

Crochet Hats and Items

Table B6

Patricia Thomson and Beth Milliron

Crochet Items

Table E1

Kathy Thornton

Purses, Microwave Potato Bags...

Table H3

Jessica Topor

Quilted and Sewn Items, Christmas Stockings...

Table G48

Marten Ullenbruch

Stained Glass, Sun Catchers

Table G60

Barbara Ulrich

China, Crocheted Owls

Table G43

Margaret Uppleger

Sewn Towels, Aprons, Books, Pillows...

Table D5

Lea Valin

Just Between Friends

Glass Ornaments, Lighted Bottles, Wind Chimnes...

Table E10

Mitsuko VanHooser

Soft Fabric Sculptures - Seasonal Items, Doll Clothes...

Table G25

Leslie Vecore

Diaper Wipe Cases, Scarves, Ponchos...

Table A5

Nicholas Vroegindewey

Wood Toys and Games

Tables G17, G18

Pat Walker

Jewelry, Wreaths, Floral Arrangements

Tables J3, J4

Carol Ward

Westie Rescue Michigan

Dog Blankets, Coats, Toys, Cards...

Tables B1, B2

Lana Wilder

Table J17

Rob Wilson

Lighted Bottles

Table A13

Jason Wilt

Wilted Wood

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Items

Table M10

Pamela Wittstock

Doll Clothes

Table D1

Sharon Wourman

Messenger/Soul of An Angel

Mannequin Heads Transformed

Table L3

Joshua Xu

Handmade Feber and Pictures

Table F1

Denise Zanichelli

Stained Glass, Mosaics, Jewelry...

Table E3

Gloria Zuccaro

Jewelry by Jayzee

Jewelry, Lanyards...

Table J12